1. Industry-leading audit trail system.
2.Fashionable and harmonious design.
3. ADA compliant telephone-style keypad.
4. Revolutionary locking system with double deadbolt mechanism.
5. Door-body integrated design for crack between door and body.
6. Integrative solid steel bolt hinges for maximum security and durability.
7.  Illuminated blue keypad.
8.Spring loaded door.
9. Easy mechanical key override in case safe fail.
10. Laptop compatible up to 15 (for model with 360mm width).
11. Serviced by handheld service unit.
12. Back wall or bottom wall fixing optional.
13. Inside light for guest convenience.

1. Power supply: 4 AA batteries.
2. Door thickness: 4mm.
3. Wall thickness: 1.5mm.
4. LED display for clear visible numbers.
5. Three ways to open:
– user password (3-6 digits)
– hotel master password
– unlock via key
6. Latest 100 audit trail function (date/time/opening ways).
7. Hidden password function.
8. CE certified.