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Since the 2010 Shanghai World Expo (EXPO 2010), YGS smart locks have been adopted by prominent international events and conferences. Following its successful integration at the Shanghai Expo, many prestigious projects, including the Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Universiade, Nanning ASEAN Expo, and the Indonesia Asian Games, have chosen the YGS smart security system. Today, YGS smart locks stand as the premier choice for security systems at major international events and competitions.


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With years of practical experience and unique expertise, YGS has become a leading supplier of hotel smart lock solutions for various domestic and international hotel chains, star-rated hotels, and boutique accommodations. Notably, we have longstanding partnerships with renowned hotel brands like Vienna, Plateno, Lijing, and Kerry Hotel under the Jinjiang Group. Having completed over 200,000 hotel engineering projects, we consistently deliver outstanding service and support to our clients.



YGS smart apartment system has made remarkable progress in apartment and dormitory management. Designed for long-term apartment management, the system offers strong device signals, adapts to complex environments, and deploys quickly. With centralized control via smartphone or computer, it helps apartments improve service, cut costs, and boost efficiency. To date, we have successfully collaborated with over 100 apartment complexes and guesthouses.

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YGS Smart Lock has dedicated years to research and development, striving to create applications for smart locks in diverse settings. With remarkable achievements in hotel engineering, real estate projects, and large-scale sports engineering endeavors, YGS has also made significant strides in university partnerships. To date, YGS has collaborated with over 100 prestigious universities, including Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai International Studies University, and Wuhan University.

why choose us?

YGS is a leading smart lock provider, seamlessly integrating research, production, and sales. Operating from three major R&D centers located in Zhongshan, Xiamen, and Italy, YGS guarantees cutting-edge design for smart locks, prioritizing safety, style, and user-friendliness. With over 90 proprietary intellectual properties and national patented technologies, YGS leads in innovation.

Furthermore, YGS has specifically developed an Industry 4.0 smart factory and testing center for smart door locks. This facilitates high levels of automation and informatization, reducing costs while significantly enhancing the quality and efficiency of smart locks, thereby producing high-value smart door locks.


  • 20 years in the hospitality industry.
  • 20,000 square meters of factory scale.
  • Integration with Opera Fidelio and other PMS systems.
  • Offers 3-year lock system warranty.
  • Presence in 50+ countries, serving 30,000+ hotels.
  • Monthly production capacity of over 30,000 hotel locks.
  • Continuous system upgrades to match market trends.
  • Specialized departments: casting, finishing, PCB SMT.
  • Provides professional online/on-site support.
  • Offers worldwide support network.