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We provide our customers with wide range options of electronic locking solutions for hotels, including RFID, Bluetooth, Zigbee technology of both ANSI or EURO standards, as well as a wide range of different handle, reader, surface finishing etc.


Hotel Key Card Lock System

YGS Locks offer total hotel key card lock system products like Rfid/ Bluetooth hotel locks, card issuers, hotel room cards, hotel lock system software, hotel elevator controller, and hotel Rfid power switch.


Customized Hotel Lock System

With more than 20 years of smart lock experience, we could provide a series of customized services for your different requirements.


Customize hotel door locks


We could customize the lock color, handle, card reader, and print your logo on the lock surface.


Customize hotel key cards


We could customize the hotel key card with your hotel card design on the card surface.


Customize hotel management software


We could customize the hotel management software with your hotel logo, image, contact details, etc.


Customize hotel lock packaging


We could customize the hotel lock packaging for your requirements, such as the inner box and master carton.


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Chain Hotel Customers



LAVANDE Hotel is a mid-end chain hotel promoted by Jinjiang hotel (China), which perfectly combines lavender elements, fragrance culture, and hotel. The overall style is simple and fresh. Provide a comfortable accommodation experience for business travelers.

YGS is a high-quality door lock supplier for LAVANDE Hotel. The YGS-9916 hotel lock has added a brand logo to conform with the latest brand culture, ensuring guests can unlock the door quickly and promote the hotel.




VIENNA hotel is a medium and high-end business hotel brand chain owned by Jinjiang hotel (China), and it is also a mid-end international leading brand in China. Having inherited and retained classic European elements, VIENNA hotel creates a unique, romantic, and exotic living experience for customers.

VIENNA HOTE adopts YGS-9953 lock with sunshine gold surface and sandblasting oxidation treatment. The hotel offers guests a high-level experience that makes them feel at home with its inner agile drive.



As the first diversified Chinese fad hotel brand owned by Jin Jiang Hotel (China), Y.TUO Hotel regards the hotel space as a medium for the re-expression of local culture. It brings consumers a trendy and interesting space of local culture.

YGS-9907 is the designated lock for the Y.TUO hotel. With corresponding hotel branding elements on the smart locks and key cards, the brand creates a Chinese fad experience and makes the brand interiorize people’s lives.


Appreciation of Field Cases

hotel lock case 8
hotel lock case 13
hotel lock case 16
hotel lock case 4
hotel lock case 5
hotel lock case 1
hotel lock case 11
hotel lock case 15
hotel lock case 9
hotel lock case 2
hotel lock case 6
hotel lock case 14
hotel lock case 20
hotel lock case 12
hotel lock case 10
hotel lock case 7
hotel lock case 18
hotel lock case 3
hotel lock case 17
hotel lock case 4


What Our Customers Say

Very happy for choose YGS, the lock is of excellent quality. The supplier was very professional, and responded quickly to all the questions that I had. Very satisfied with the after-service, and looking forward to order again.

- Roxanne Grote -

After multiple comparisons, we chose YGS. The locks were amazing just like the descriptions, which did not disappoint us. Very good service. Fast delivery. Highly recommend.

- Sheila Dolly -


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the hotel smart lock?

Hotel smart lock is a kind of lock that compose of the smart lock and the hotel smart management systems. And the management of the hotel door lock system, there are online and offline two systems can choose.

2. How do online hotel locks work?

When the guest holds the card near the sensor of the door lock, the smart lock will identify the card immediately, the lock will open when the user information is correct. If you use the mobile phone Bluetooth to unlock, just turn on the Bluetooth and click the one-key unlock on the app to open the door.

3. How can I open my Bluetooth hotel lock with my phone?

Firstly, open the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone, and then open the app, the system will automatically find the nearby lock, you just click the open-key icon, and the lock can be unlocked.

4. Can I issue card if network is not working?

Yes, our Bluetooth hotel lock system is with local server, not cloud base, you can issue card without internet.

5. What if I don't know how to operate your software?

We could show you step by step by teamviewer.

6. Could your software interface with Fidelio/Opera?

Yes, in addition to Fidelio and Opera, we can interface with any PMS that can integrate with Salto.

7. Can you customize the hotel lock system?

Yes, we can customize the hotel lock system according to your requirements. Click here for more detail.

8. Can I use energy saving switch from other suppliers?

Yes, as long as switch works with 13.65M Hz cards, that’s ok.

9. Can I use cards from other suppliers?

Yes, with our encryption quota and software, you could use cards from other suppliers. Each quota costs US$0.17. Buying 500 quotas can encrypt 500pcs cards.

10. Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?

We are an ISO, CE, RoHS approved manufacturer in smart door locks. OEM & ODM service are available.

11. What is your MOQ?

No MOQ for stand items. OEM order MOQ is 100pcs.

12. Can you send free samples?

We send out hundreds of samples out every month. I am afraid we cannot provide them free of charge. But after mass production order is placed, we can deduct the sample charge from total amount.

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