In the current market, there are various types of locks for the hotel, including magnetic card locks, key card locks, IC card locks, fingerprint locks, etc. The hotel can choose the door lock according to its business positioning and the hotel style.

At the same time, the concept of hotel management has also undergone a qualitative change. It has risen from simple and low-level room security management to a high-level intelligent management system. Hotel room management has become an indispensable core element of overall hotel management. So how to pick a hotel door lock? This article will analyze the hotel lock working principle and functional advantages and list some select suggestions at last.

How much do you know about hotel door locks?

If you want to know how the hotel lock works, it is necessary to talk about the hotel management system. As mentioned in the previous article, the hotel management system is an integrated management platform, which includes hotel smart locks, hotel key card encoder, MF1 cards, elevator control, intelligent access control systems, and more.

Almost all hotels today use a hotel management system that allows users to unlock by swiping cards, inserting cards, mechanical keys, and mobile phone unlocking. At present, most hotels use card unlocking.

The lock body adopts five tongue linkage, which is not easy to damage and can effectively prevent some illegal intrusions. If the card is lost, you can also report the loss of the card through the system in time, without worrying about being stolen by others.

Moreover, the check-in time on the card can be set freely on the system. When exceeding the valid time, the card will automatically unwork, and the customer will not be able to open the door. And the door lock system will record the information of each successful door opening, and the door opening record can be viewed at any time, which increases safety and reliability.

There are three main parts to the hotel room lock system: the radio-frequency circuit, the electronic circuit, and the mechanical control. Radio-frequency circuits in the door lock start automatically when a hotel key card is near the sensor area.

If it is the system card, the digital lock will compare and check the data with the lock memory data. If it is invalid data or expired data, the door lock will ignore it. If the data is valid, the door lock will immediately start the internal motor to perform the unlocking operation. At this time, the cardholder only needs to pull the door lock handle to open the door. If it is a non-local system card, the door lock will not respond.


Functional advantages of hotel smart door locks:

(1) Lock for hotel doors comes with a powerful management software system that facilitates both guest/employee access and hotel management.

(2) The door lock has sound and light prompt operation. An alarm will sound and light when the lock power is low, which is very intelligent.

(3) The lock body adopts the international standard five-bolt structure. When the door is closed, the anti-insert tongue locks the oblique tongue by the lock body structure, which can avoid opening the door illegally.

(4) Low power consumption design, using four 1.5V high-energy alkaline batteries, battery life of a year.

(5) Built-in door opening record, which can store the latest 1,000 door opening records, and can query the information about the guests and the unlocking records of the room at any time.

(6) Adopt an anti-theft lock cylinder and hidden lock cylinder design to enhance the anti-pickling ability of the door lock.

(7) There has a false lock alarm, when the door lock does not enter the locked state, the door lock will automatically alarm and emit a warning sound to remind guests to close the door in time.

How to pick a hotel door lock for your hotel?

There are various types of locks for the hotel, it will cause great losses to the hotel if the door lock is not selected correctly, such as adverse effects on reputation, hidden safety hazards, management inconveniences, and increased operating costs. If the door card issuing system is faulty, the guest card can’t open the door smoothly, which will bring an inconvenient feeling to the hotel guest, and reduce the guest experience. As a result, this will lead to a decline in the number of repeat customers, which will directly impact the economy.


An incompetent lock cylinder can cause a hotel guest to be locked in their room and unable to leave. The hotel staff will be unable to unlock the door, and the result will be a broken lock on the hotel door. If the guest room is stolen, the system has no unlocking record or the record is incomplete, and there is no way to prove the theft, the hotel will compensate for the loss eventually……these are all things that hotel building owners must think about when choosing electronic door locks.

Therefore, for the choice of hotel room locks, here are some suggestions as follows:

(1) Stability: The following factors affect the stability of the lock: A. Stability of the mechanical structure, especially the lock cylinder and clutch. B. Stability of the motor working status, checking if the motor is using special equipment for the hotel lock. C. Stability and anti-interference of the logic circuit part, are mainly to check whether there is a protection circuit design.

(2) Service life: For cost-conscious hotel owners, they will also consider that battery replacement costs and the demands on maintenance staff. The longer the battery life, the lower the cost to the hotel. The service life of the lock depends on its material and manufacturing process. Locks made from different materials have different service lives, and their manufacturing surfaces will also influence their longevity. Particularly, electroplating has a longer service life than painting.


At the same time, when choosing a smart lock, it also depends on the hotel’s environment. For example, a hotel near the sea or an outdoor hotel needs to consider the influence of moisture and salt on the lock, the lock needs to have corrosion resistance. And the surface of the lock needs to be protected from corrosion, UV, and other processes.

(3) System test: there is a set of management software behind the current hotel lock, and this software can directly affect the use of the hotel room door lock. So after receiving the software provided by the supplier, you should test in time, including system backup, recovery, and other operations. A keyless hotel door lock system should also be compatible with a diverse range of mobile devices, which is crucial for hotel owners considering this technology.

(4) Door matching degree: Before choosing a smart lock, you should know about the material, thickness of the door, and the force of the opening lock position, and communicate with the seller to avoid the situation of the size inappropriate.

(5) Hotel style: According to the hotel’s design style chosen, stainless steel primary color or mature surface technology is the best;

(6) Supplier strength: Select a smart lock company with experience and qualifications, and verify that the product meets national security standards.

(7) After-sales service: It is important to measure a good product based on its after-sales service. People should not ignore after-sales services, which can make them feel comfortable. Therefore, when choosing a hotel lock, you should choose a regular business with more guaranteed after-sales service and a complete after-sales service system.


(8) Hotel position: the hotel owner should clarify their needs and choose a hotel lock and hotel management system based on the hotel position to minimize costs and maximize profits.

  • If it is a budget hotel, you can choose a popular hotel key card lock and hotel card door lock system that is easy to operate and cheap. The unlocking way of the lock usually has key card unlocks, and mechanical key unlocks. The whole system does not need to network, and the operation is simple and stable. 
  • If it is a business hotel, you can choose a smart lock with a Bluetooth system, which allows mobile devices entry, card entry, mechanical key entry, pin code entry, etc. And can realize remote unlock, lock status real-time report, automatic upload lock records, and so on. Provide customers with a more comfortable and convenient check-in experience, some even can provide a contact-free experience, which can attract more customers with more age groups, and improve the buyback rate. 


Hotel Door Lock System Suppliers – Choosing Guide

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