There is various lock for hotel doors on the market. How much do you know about the types of hotel door locks? This article will introduce you to the hotel lock types from different angles. Hoping can provide you with some valuable tips.

Normally, when people stay in a hotel, they hope to have their own private space and the safety of their property, so security is their first and foremost consideration when choosing a hotel. A hotel with high security will naturally attract more guests to check in. How can we ensure the safety of the hotel? Door locks play a vital role.

Hotel locks are a type of electronic lock, which have different needs from home locks. For families, the more ways to open the door with the home lock, the more convenient, which is better. However, for hotels, the single or fewer door opening methods of hotel room locks, the operation will be easier, which is conducive to more efficient and convenient management.

Hotel room locks have developed from the initial mechanical locks to electronic door locks and are now combined with hotel management to form a hotel door lock system network, which has developed rapidly.

How do hotel door locks work?

Hotel lock is one of the important components of a hotel access control system, which is mainly used for hotel security management. The door lock opens automatically when it recognizes the correct opening instructions. Different door locks have different ways to open the door, such as key unlock, the digital key unlocks, password unlocks, fingerprint unlocks, etc.

But the same that they all have a hotel electronic locking system behind them, which realizes the unified management of hotel locks and makes the hotel operation more efficient and convenient. For details on how hotel locks work, you can refer to this article: How do hotel door locks work?

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Types of hotel door locks

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With the development of intelligent technology, hotel locks are also constantly iterating. There are all kinds of hotel room locks on the market, and there are various ways to unlock the door.

How much do you know about the common types of hotel locks on the market? The following will give you a general introduction.

 From technology, it can be roughly divided into:

Keypad hotel locks

The keypad hotel locks using the structure of the keyboard (or combination button), the door lock can be opened when the user enters the correct unlocking password. Under normal circumstances, only the hotel manager can manage the password of the keypad hotel locks, such as setting the password, deleting the password, changing the password, and other operations.

Some keypad hotel locks allow guests to change the password by themselves, and it will not affect the management of the hotel background. The operation of different hotel room locks is different. If you don’t know how to use them, you can ask the hotel staff for help.

Allow opening the door without a physical key, which is convenient. × Passwords may be forgotten or leaked, so security is low.
Allow multiple passwords exist.× The maintenance fee is high if the equipment is damaged.
There is no need to copy the key when you are not at home, just tell the visitor the password directly.× There also needs a mechanical key to open the door when the battery is low or has no electricity.
Easy to operate, and short the unlocking time.
Simple structure, strong and reliable.

Bluetooth hotel locks

Bluetooth technology is a short-range, low-cost wireless connection technology, and an open interface system that can realize wireless transmission of voice and data. 

Bluetooth hotel lock is a kind of key hotel lock system. After the hotel staff enter the guest information into the hotel door lock system and authorizes access, the guest can open the door with their mobile device Bluetooth, and bind the smart door lock with their mobile device, which can realize the whole process management on their phone.

Low power and long working time.× The price is higher than other hotel locks (such as mechanical door locks, key card hotel locks, etc.)
Strong confidentiality and high security.× For those who do not know how to use a mobile phone, it may be inconvenient to operate.
Allow keyless entry, remote access, smartphone APP control, etc. Smarter and more convenient.× Its stability and durability are not as strong as mechanical passwords.

Biometric hotel locks

Biometric electronic locks use human body biological characteristics (such as voice, fingerprint) as a password, and the computer performs pattern recognition to control the unlocking, which is quite intelligent.

Never worry about lost or broken keys.× The price will be higher than other hotel room door locks (such as mechanical door locks, key card hotel locks, etc.)
Allows to set multiple biometric passwords, and allows to enter and delete at will.× Its stability and durability are not as strong as mechanical locks.
Biometrics, such as fingerprints, are unique features of the human body, they are complex enough to identify individuals, and are difficult to replicate.× Some people or some groups have few fingerprint features, which are difficult to identify.
Compared to the key card lock, biometric hotel lock saves complicated operations such as issuing and recycling cards.× The fingerprint of the user will be left on the finger reader, and it has the possibility that be used to replicate the prints by bad guys.

Key card hotel locks

(1) Magnetic door locks

The technical core principle of the magnetic door lock is radio frequency identification technology. There is a coil in the magnetic card, also the antenna, which is the energy source of the radio frequency chip. The radio frequency transmitting device on the door lock will send out a specific code, and the radio frequency card will receive the code and return signal, and the door lock can be unlocked if the information is correct. But the code of each room is different, so the corresponding room card can only open the corresponding room.

Magstripe keycard lock is a kind of induction door lock, which is unlocked by magstripe card induction. Despite its gradual replacement by IC cards, it still occupies a large market share. This kind of lock is a classic induction card door lock, which is convenient and easy to operate by controlling the door lock opening and closing with a magnetic card.

(2) RFID hotel key card locks

The RFID key card lock is one of the popular hotel lock options and is one of the most used hotel room door locks in the modern hospitality industry. The hotel can achieve centralized control through the hotel key card lock system, which can issue various cards, manage guest room doors, manage guest information, etc. Compared with traditional locks, electronic hotel locks based on RFID technology are easy to use, easy to manage, and have higher security.

After the guest completed the check-in process, the hotel front desk will give the authorized room card to guest. The hotel guest only needs to go to the corresponding room and swipe the smart card near the door lock card reader to enter the room.

Low cost.× Their function is singular and lacks diversity.
Simple and fast installation.× Magnetic cards can be duplicated in the place where the key is provided, which has a security threat.
Swipe the card to enter, easy to use.× For smart locks, the biggest convenience is no need to take the key, but RFID hotel room door locks need to carry the cards, which is an inconvenience.
Not limited by the crowd, if the card is lost, the lost card can be deleted separately, which is more convenient than the mechanical key.

From system function, it can be divided into:

Networking hotel locks

The networking hotel lock adds a networking function to the door lock. In this type of lock, users can manage the door locks from their mobile devices, and can also allow keyless entry, remote unlocking, real-time upload of hotel lock data, etc.
Through the connection of the network, the hotel door lock system can also be connected with other hotel guest control systems, providing customers with a better guest experience, reducing the hotel’s manpower and energy costs, and realizing smart hotels and smart check-in.

Non-networking hotel locks

Non-networked hotel locks are lock that does not require networked. The door-opening method of this kind of lock is relatively simple, mainly card unlocking and mechanical key unlocking. The offline lock hotel door lock system is also relatively simple, which makes hotel management more efficient and convenient. In addition, the cost of this lock is cheaper than online lock, so it is also the most widely used door lock in the modern hotel industry.

From the material, common hotel lock materials on the market are:

Aluminum alloy hotel locks

  1. The lock made of aluminum alloy is easy to process and form. And the price is friendly.
  2. Low oxidation cost, not easy to corrode, anti-aging, long life.
  3. Aluminum alloy hotel locks are more durable, environmentally friendly, and have a high safety factor, which is better than plastic hotel locks.
  4. But the texture is soft and easy to deform for a long time. The material strength is low, and the style is monotonous and simple.

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Zinc alloy hotel locks

  1. Zinc alloy has a low melting point, has good castability, and can easily die-cast the desired shape. The material can make various colors and styles, so there are many styles of zinc alloy locks.
  2. Zinc alloy has good hardness and is not easy to deform.
  3. The cost of zinc alloy materials is low, so the price of zinc alloy locks is more acceptable.
  4. Surface treatment is available, such as electroplating, spraying, polishing, grinding, etc. The quality of the zinc alloy lock is better than that of the iron lock, the electroplating effect is also better than that of the iron lock, and the surface is smoother. After the electroplate and oil seal, it is not easy to rust and grows spots. This is the most commonly used material for hotel electronic locks.
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Stainless steel hotel locks

  1. Stainless steel material has strong corrosion resistance, high strength, and long service life.
  2. This hotel room door lock uses 304 stainless steel, which is fireproof, anti-prying, anti-saw, and anti-impact, and has a high safety factor.
  3. Stainless steel has a uniform texture, good density, and a uniform and delicate color. And the stainless steel door locks on the market have a brushed surface, so this kind of lock is not easy to scratch.
  4. The stainless steel material is green and environmentally friendly, but its production process is complicated and the development cost is high, so the price and cost of using stainless steel hotel door locks are significantly higher.

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Each hotel has its style and needs, so when choosing a lock for hotel door, the hotel needs to understand what they need and the types of locks on the market. And choosing a suitable hotel lock for your hotel will help the expansion of the hotel business and bring more customers to the hotel. For more information on picking a hotel door lock, you can read this article: How to pick a hotel door lock?

Hopefully, this article can help you increase your knowledge about the types of hotel door locks, and propel your hotel business! And if you are interested in YGS hotel smart locks, please feel free to contact us.