Nowadays, hotel smart lock systems are widely used in the modern hotel industry, it seems to be an irreversible trend. Hotels with smart lock systems are more intelligent and modernized, which attracts a new generation of young consumers. In addition to its function and quality, the hotel door lock system price is one of the important factors people consider. 

With the growing demand for hotel room lock systems, smart lock manufacturers have increased investment in R&D and production. Therefore, in today’s international market, there are countless hotel lock manufacturers, and there are thousands of types and styles of hotel locks. In the face of various hotel lock brands on the market, people tend to be entangled and consider a lot when choosing a hotel lock system. If you are planning to buy a hotel lock system, hope this article about hotel door lock system prices can provide you with some useful tips.

1. The number of hotel locks purchased.

Due to the difference in hotel size and hotel business of each hotel, their demand for hotel locks and hotel systems are different, thus there is no exact price for the smart lock system. However, the price is largely affected by the number of hotel locks required. The hotel usually chose to purchase the entire system from a hotel lock supplier, which can get a lower price and is a more convenient method.

The smart lock supplier will take a tiered quotation basic on the number of purchases, which means the more quantity purchased, the unit price is lower, which is the main reason for the unified procurement system of many powerful brand hotels.

In general, the number of smart locks your hotel needs is affected by:

  • Number of hotel rooms (eg: a hotel with 100 rooms will cost more than a hotel with 50 rooms)
  • Number of hotel entrances (eg: a larger hotel will have more entrances and exits than a hotel of small size)

2. The function, and unlocking way of a hotel needs.

The price of the hotel lock system will also be affected by how many functions it has, such as whether it is connected to the internet or not, whether has additional functions, and whether use optional devices.

Normally, the more functions the smart lock has, the price is higher. Some powerful hotel brands also choose to customize designs, which are usually more expensive than the standard. Sometimes you can get a relatively favorable price from the supplier by negotiating with them.

3. The material of the hotel room lock.

At the same time, the hotel lock’s price will also be affected by its material. The most common materials for hotel locks on the market are stainless steel and zinc alloy. Stainless steel hotel door locks will be more durable, strong, and will not rust. It is the best lock-making material, and suitable for outdoor hotels, but the style of the lock is relatively simple.

Zinc alloy hotel door lock has high density and strong corrosion resistance. Smart card locks made of zinc alloy material are slightly softer than made of stainless steel, so they can make more fashionable hotel lock and the styles are more diverse. The price of stainless steel hotel locks will be higher than that of zinc alloy hotel locks.

4. The mortise of the hotel door lock.

The lock body of the smart door lock is divided into an electronic lock body and a mechanical lock body. The hotel electronic lock does not have a keyhole on the entire lock surface like a traditional lock. Electronic locks allow fingerprints, passwords, key cards, and other smart “keys” unlock.

The mortise is one of the important parts of a smart lock, which has an important influence on the safety, convenience, and life of the intelligent lock. Common lock bodies in the international market are as follows: European standard mortise, American standard mortise, 6068 mortises, and Overlord lock body. 

Different hotels have different hotel door thicknesses and materials, the applicable lock body is different. So before buying, hotels should measure the size of their hotel door. And different lock body has different price, which is also one of the factors affecting the hotel room door lock system price.

5. About the manufacturer.

The price of the system is also directly related to the supplier. There are thousands of smart lock suppliers in the market, and their prices are also uneven. 

And in the international market, the prices of suppliers in different countries are different, which are mainly affected by the following aspects:

  • Import and export duties
  • Freight (shipping methods: sea freight, air freight, or land freight)
  • The different market prices of each country
  • Exchange rate difference
  • Other expenses
hotel door lock system price 3

Basic constitute of the hotel management system

An advanced hotel key card management system mainly composed of RFID hotel door lock, card issuer, MF1 card, and hotel lock management software. And there are some optional devices (data collector, elevator controller, access control, RFID power switch, s70 card) that can choose according to the demand of your hotel.

A completed Bluetooth hotel management system is mainly composed of Bluetooth hotel room lock, Bluetooth card issuer, MF1 card, Bluetooth hotel room system management software, and central controller. And provide Bluetooth gateway, Bluetooth Access control, Bluetooth data collector, Bluetooth elevator controller as optional.

Both two systems have high-security operations and complete management mode. And the software page is a friendly, intuitive, and simple operation, you can choose the most suitable hotel lock solution for your hotel according to your hotel business style. It is widely used in hotels, schools, enterprises, and other places.

hotel door lock system price 1

Hotel door lock system price

The following prices are for reference only, do not represent the actual price, nor the price of a particular supplier, if you want to know our price, please click here “Get YGS Price” to contact us directly.

Hotel Smart Lock (Standard device)   Approx. $80 / Piece 

Hotel smart lock is different from the traditional mechanical Lock, in user identification, security, and management are more Intelligent. The intelligent lock is the implementation of the door lock system, it plays the most direct and important role in the whole system, which is to lock all the doors in the hotel.

The hotel card locks are the locks for hotel doors and are the core component of the entire hotel management system. It plays the most direct and important role in the whole system, that is, to lock all the doors in the hotel. Hotel locks on the market can be divided into two types, RFID hotel locks and Bluetooth hotel locks.

From the market, you can find that the price range of hotel locks varies widely. Many factors affect the price of hotel card locks, such as material, function, mortise, etc. So when buying, you need to determine your budget and your needs for hotel locks.


Card Issuer (Standard device)   Approx. $120 / Piece 

As one of the standard devices of the hotel room lock system, the card issuer is mainly used for reading and writing card information (such as writing guest information or room information into the entry card, reading card information). Different systems are equipped with different card issuers, but their functions are the same. The price will also differ according to different manufacturers and different market conditions.


Hotel Smart Card (Standard device)   Approx. $1 / Piece 

The primary function of a smart card is to record data, which is one of the essential items in the hotel system. The card types usually have RFID cards, Magnetic cards. After the hotel staff enters the guest’s information and authorization information into the hotel key card, the guest can open the hotel room door, obtain the power of the room, take the elevator, enter the public area of ​​the hotel, etc. by the hotel room key card.

Smart cards typically wear out faster than other devices of the system. For example, if a guest accidentally loses or breaks the card, the hotel needs to provide a new card to the guest. Therefore, when purchasing smart card hotel lock systems, hotels usually buy more cards than locks as a backup. This kind of card is not expensive, and if you buy a large number, you can get a discounted price from the manufacturer.


Power Switch (Optional device)   Approx. $15 / Piece

The primary function of the RFID power switch is to obtain the hotel room power. This is an optional item in the hotel key card lock system, which is selected according to the needs of the hotel. Using method: Insert the hotel key card to use electricity. Function: Effectively save the power consumption of the room, and avoid the situation that the guest forgets to turn off the power supply of the room after leaving.

Central Controller (Standard device)   Approx. $100 / Piece

The central controller is one of the important components of the Bluetooth hotel system and is mainly used for data storage. There is no specific price for this, and it will generally be quoted together with the entire system.


Hotel Lock System Management Software (Standard device)   Free

The primary function of Hotel management software is complete a series of operations such as hotel front desk guest check-in and hotel room management. The system interface is simple and graceful, the operation is intuitive and simple. It is ideal for information management places such as hotels, schools, and apartments. However, if it is a customized hotel system, it will be charged, and the specific price depends on the desired function and the supplier.


Elevator Controller (Optional device)   Approx. $770 / Piece

The hotel elevator control system is also one of the options. It is mainly used to control access for hotels. Only those who hold the hotel card can take the elevator, which effectively improves the hotel’s security.


S70 Card (Optional device)   Approx. $3 / Piece

The primary function of the S70 card is to read the unlocking record. Just swipe the card on the door lock to extract the unlocking record of the door lock, and then check it on the system through the card issuer. It can also be used as an ordinary MF1 card. The unit price can also decrease as the quantity increases.


Data Collector (Optional device)   Approx. $350 / Piece

The data collector is one of the options of the hotel system, it can be used to query unlocking records, read and write cards, install guest room door locks, adjust hotel lock time, etc. It can make room management more convenient and fast. Different hotel management systems are equipped with different data collectors and their prices are also different.


Access Control (Optional device)   Approx. $120 / Piece

The access control also opens and closes the door by swiping a card. It is mainly used to control access to the hotel’s front door. The hotel can decide whether to install it according to its needs.


Gateway (Optional device)   Approx. $32 / Piece

The gateway is one of the optional devices of the Bluetooth hotel system. The hotel lock with the gateway allows remote unlocking, automatic entry, keyless entry, real-time upload of unlocking records, etc. It is an advanced technology to enhance the guest experience and bring a more convenient experience to users. The prices of gateways are similar in the market.

Hotel door lock installation cost

Normally, the price of installation services is divided into two cases, one is to install by yourself, which is free. The other is to ask the professional installation service personnel of the hotel door lock installation service company to help you install it, which is charged, and different smart door lock installation service company has different charging standards. Of course, you can ask your hotel lock supplier for help.

Some suppliers can let the technicians from their company come to your hotel to help with the installation, but this may also be an additional charge. The supplier will show you how to install the card hotel lock system after you purchase it, typically by sending video tutorials and drawing tutorials and answering any questions you may have, so many hotels install it on their own, which is a cost-effective and convenient method.

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Hotel door lock maintains fee

Hotel smart lock suppliers on the market provide a warranty period, and the warranty period normally is one to three years. During the warranty period, the maintenance fee of the smart lock is free. But about who bears the freight, you need to communicate with the seller (sometimes the seller bears, sometimes the buyer bears, and sometimes each bears a part).

hotel door lock system price 4
hotel door lock system price 5

The maintenance of the smart lock is generally divided into two parts, mechanical and electronic. The mechanical part mainly means the lock cylinder, which is not easy to be damaged, but if it is damaged, this part is convenient to disassemble and replace, and it can be matched with the same inner core.

The electronic part is mainly the internal components. Among all the repaired smart locks, circuit board problems account for the vast majority. Moreover, there is no way to repair the broken circuit board by yourself, and a professional door lock master also has no idea, but to return to the factory for repair.

If it is a modular smart lock, you can remove the part and send it back to the manufacturer. If it is integrated, it can only be repaired as a whole, which is inconvenient. Therefore, it is generally cheaper to mail parts than the whole lock.

Another situation is that the smart lock may be insensitive suddenly. This is not a problem with the product itself, is often caused by wrong operations. Therefore, buyers need to learn more about the use and maintenance of smart locks, and they can also consult customer service. If it is a small problem that can be solved by yourself, you can solve it yourself, which is the fastest way to reduce time and money expenditure.

As the saying goes: “the best after-sales service of a product is no after-sales service”, which means that the quality and experience of the product are perfect, so after-sales service is not needed at all. Therefore, when choosing a smart lock, the best is to choose a manufacturer with rich experience and guaranteed quality, and you should compare and choose from multiple parties.


For more information about choosing a good hotel room door lock supplier, please check this article: Hotel Door Lock System Suppliers–Choosing Guide, hope it can give some useful tips for you.

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