Hotel Key Card Encoder

Hotel Key Card Encoder is a companion product of hotel door lock system and campus office door lock system, which is used to read and write card data.

Hotel Key Card Encoder Introduction

Encoder is a vital component of all access control systems, which is a card writer as well as a card reader. It is mainly used for encoding and decoding the data stored on a smart card. With a hotel card encoder, you can program whether the cardholder is authorized to access a particular area or resource.

Furthermore, the encoder is responsible for managing the flow of data between different components of an access control system, such as the card reader, controller, and database. This ensures that the system can process requests quickly and efficiently, without experiencing delays or errors. And it can be configured in a variety of ways, depending on the specific requirements of the property.

PATENT NO.: ZL200830051286.1


Product Details

M157 RFID Hotel Key Card Encoder:

  • Connects directly to PC via USB, no drive installation.
  • Supports MIFARE(ISO 14443A) credentials.
  • Encodes a variety of RFID credentials, such as keycards, fobs, wristbands, etc.
  • Used in conjunction with YGS99V Intelligent lock software.
  • Double encrypting ensures the issuing of key card work through attestation.

Product Specifications

Supported lock typesMF1 card door lock, 13.56MHZ
Connectivityto PC via USB
Power supplierUSB-powered
system supportWindowsXP/Window7/Window8/Window10/Vista 32-bit or 64-bit
EnvironmentOperating temperature: -10~70C storage

Temperature: -25~125C

Humidity: Relative humidity ranges from 5% to 95%


YGS-600 Network Hotel Key Card Encoder:

  • Support wifi/ thernet two server connection mode.
  • Support Web-side distribution network, realize the switch of different IP segments.
  • The experience is perfectly close to offline encoder card reading and writing operation experience.
  • Support Windows/Linux/OSX/IOS/Android.
  • Free interface with PMS, self check-in machine etc. (as long as interface with server)


Hotel Key Card Door Lock System Composition


  • Computer: Install the hotel management software.
  • Hotel lock Management Software: Install it into the computer and use it for door lock management.
  • Card issuer: Issue and manage all kinds of cards.
  • Hotel key card lock: Install on the doors; Secure your hotel rooms.
  • Mifare-1 S50 card: Open and manage hotel door lock.


  • Mifare-1 S70 Data card: Collect 338 entry records from the lock.
  • Hotel access control system: Manage the building gate access.
  • Elevator Access Control System: Limit the elevator access.
  • Energy-Saving Switch: Control the power of the room.
  • Data collector: Set lock info.; Collect all entry records from hotel door lock.

System Function Description

  • Hotel Management Software is compatible with all Windows operating systems.
  • 100% compatible with most PMS (Fidelio, Opera, Prestige, etc)
  • 10 software languages: English, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, etc.
  • Secure MSSQL enables multiple database access and stable information transmission.
  • More than 20 different check-in points can share one database smoothly.
  • Hostel Solution: for shared use of rooms by different guests, with independent access key.
  • Motel Solution: limiting the access by hours.
  • Unique customer code for each hotel.
  • All-in-one-card solution: access to hotel gate, sauna room, parking lot, fitness room, restaurant, etc with the room card.
  • Supports up to 8 sections for grouping system locks.
  • Easy your hotel lock management: multi-user license, housekeeping management, group check-in, Intelligent shortcut key, auto-database backup, LED lock status indication, card lost reporting, operation reports updated every day……..