※ Electronic lock with Japanese “MABUCHI” motor durable for over 500,000 cycles.

※ ANSI high-security bolt with 3-point latch with anti-friction and anti-card mechanism in stainless steel.

※ Ant-manipulation handle with free rotation, avoid forcing the opening lever.

※ Audit system can register up to 1000 events including openings with emergency keys.

※ PCB sealed with silicon encapsulated treatment for high humidity environments.

※ Software available in several languages. Standalone mode or centralized database.

※ Mechanical emergency lock.

※ EEPROM memory to maintain the information and configuration even if the batteries are removed.


Technical Specifications

Power supply 4 AA alkaline batteries
Battery life Over 15000 cycles
Static current< 20 uA
Dynamic current<150 mA
Storage temperature-25- + 58℃
Storage humidity15-90% RH
Working temperature-25- + 58℃
Working humidity15-90% RH
Card reading distance0-5cm
Reading & writing time<0.25s
Date keepingOver 10 years
Applicable chipMifare 1 (13.56Mhz)
Reading & writing wayNon-touched closer induction