Electronic lock with RFID technology with front and back faceplates of stainless steel NO. 304. Ideal to replace old locks. lt covers the holes of many models of locks on the market.

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YGS-9962 Installation 



※ Electronic lock with Japanese “MABUCHI” motor durable for over 500,000 cycles.

※ ANSI high-security bolt with 3-point latch with anti-friction and anti-card mechanism in stainless steel.

※ Ant-manipulation handle with free rotation, avoid forcing the opening lever.

※ Audit system can register up to 1000 events including openings with emergency keys.

※ PCB sealed with silicon encapsulated treatment for high humidity environments.

※ Software available in several languages. Standalone mode or centralized database.

※ Mechanical emergency lock

※ EEPROM memory to maintain the information and configuration even if the batteries are removed.


Technical Specifications

MaterialStainless steel
Finish Stainless steel brushed/gold
Power supply 4 AA alkaline batteries
Battery life Over 15000 cycles
Static current< 20 uA
Dynamic current<150 mA
Storage temperature-25- + 58℃
Storage humidity15-90% RH
Working temperature-25- + 58℃
Working humidity15-90% RH
Card reading distance0-5cm
Reading & writing time<0.25s
Date keepingOver 10 years
Applicable chipMifare 1 (13.56Mhz)
Reading & writing wayNon-touched closer induction