The 2019 Minsk European Games will be held in the Belarusian capital of Minsk from June 21-30, 2019. During the European Games, YGS smart lock products will be used in multiple venues, including sports venues and athlete villages, according to the needs of the games.

The European Games is an intercontinental comprehensive sports event hosted by the European Olympic Committee, held every four years, one year before the Olympic Games. This is the second European Games, with the first held in Baku, Azerbaijan from June 12 to June 28, 2015.

YGS and the European Games

2019 Minsk European Games 1

On March 29, 2019, Zhongshan Yange Lock Industry Co., Ltd. signed a contract with the 2019 Minsk European Games. It officially became the official partner of the 2019 Minsk European Games.

2019 Minsk European Games 2

YGS chairman Yang Guan-gui also participated in the Olympic flame relay.

2019 Minsk European Games 3

Through 19 years of growth and development, YGS has evolved into a well-known high-tech enterprise focusing on global safer IoT door locks and system solutions.

2019 Minsk European Games 4
2019 Minsk European Games 5

YGS has always regarded product quality as life, using core technology to constantly improve product quality and user experience, integrating advanced IoT technology with products, and providing customers with high-quality products and services.

2019 Minsk European Games 6

Major international events and conferences have used YGS smart locks since the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. Following the Shanghai World Expo, many international conferences and events such as the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Shenzhen Universiade, the Nanning ASEAN Hall, and the Indonesia Asian Games have all selected YGS’s smart security system. YGS smart locks have now become the preferred security system for major international events and competitions.

2019 Minsk European Games 6

Representatives of the Minsk European Games Organizing Committee stated that they chose YGS because of its strength, professional R&D team, excellent product quality, and experience in large-scale projects. This cooperation shows that YGS smart locks have gained international acceptance.

2019 Minsk European Games 7
2019 Minsk European Games 8

As an official partner of the European Games, YGS will receive brand exposure and promotion during the games. In addition, YGS will have the right to use all visual elements and brand combinations at the 2019 Minsk European Games. This undoubtedly will enhance YGS’s visibility and influence, laying a solid foundation for YGS to enter the European market. At the same time, it will also open a new chapter for Chinese-made Xiaolan smart locks to go abroad and go global.

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