The 19th Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou from September 23rd to October 8th, 2023. In preparation for this international sporting event, the Hangzhou Municipal Government is actively involved in various preparations and construction projects.

2022 Hangzhou Asian Games 1

As a government-supported project, the Qiantang Health Hotel in Hangzhou will provide comfortable and convenient accommodation services for athletes from all over the world during the Asian Games.

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Located in Xinghua Village, Qiantang District, Hangzhou, China, the hotel covers an area of 207.9 acres with a construction scale of approximately 200,200 square meters. It includes three functional areas: the healthy hotel area, the comprehensive service area, and the logistics support area.

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According to the project leader, the Qiantang Healthy Hotel faced many challenges, including tight deadlines, difficulty, shortage of materials, and severe epidemic prevention and control measures. However, construction workers worked tirelessly and poured their hearts and souls into the project, working day and night to promote production and accelerate progress.

The project started on April 1st and was completed by the end of July, with operations starting in late August. This successful completion in just five months is the result of the hard work and wisdom of all the staff involved in the project.



For this government project with significant historical significance, quality always takes top priority. Door locks are the first line of defense to ensure accommodation safety and an important embodiment of the intelligence of the hotel. 

After careful consideration and strict screening, the project team ultimately selected YGS Hotel Locks, one of the three largest hotel lock brands in China with over 20 years of experience in research, development, and production.

The alliance between YGS and Hangzhou Healthy Hotel is inseparable from the efforts of YGS’s excellent agent, Wang Yongjie, and his team. 

According to Wang Yongjie, the company highly values this project from initial contact to signing the cooperation agreement. This includes production and supply to installation and after-sales service. They strictly control product and service quality.

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The hotel has 3620 guest rooms and 612 logistical and medical support rooms, and 4232 YGS Hotel locks (YGS-9936) were purchased. 

The locks began being supplied in June 2022. Faced with the urgent and arduous task, Wang Yong’an led his team to overcome difficulties and work day and night. In just over a month, they completed the installation and debugging of all 4,232 locks for the room doors.

2022 Hangzhou Asian Games 5


Throughout the progress of the project, the YGS team demonstrated a high level of professional technical expertise and provided high-quality and efficient services, showcasing the strong brand strength and high-quality reputation of YGS. In appreciation for YGS’ outstanding cooperation with the project, the project leader awarded an honor medal to YGS.

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2022 Hangzhou Asian Games 7




“Safe and stable, YGS intelligent control” is not just a simple slogan. It is a symbol of YGS’s courage and commitment to maintaining high quality for over 21 years.

In terms of product development, YGS delves into different usage scenarios and explores the needs and habits of different guest groups. It seeks breakthroughs in functionality and appearance and continuously develops innovative hotel locks with novel styles and complete functions. The products are widely used in chain hotels, star hotels, homestays, and other places.


In terms of software system development, YGS has also achieved gratifying results. YGS uses modern electronic technology, information technology, smart recognition, precision machinery, automatic control, and other technologies to establish a scientific, convenient, safe, and stable smart networking system.

It can greatly reduce personnel management costs, and improve management efficiency and service quality. And it can be applied to places such as office buildings, hotels, apartments, campus dormitories, and government offices.

As a smart lock enterprise with a strong sense of national mission, YGS has always maintained the mission of “building a better intelligent life for consumers,” overcome difficulties, and pushed various industries in Chinese society towards a new era of intelligent development.

During its development, YGS participated in the smart management of many large sports venues such as the Beijing Paralympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games, and the Shenzhen University Games. It also participated in the construction of smart management in dormitories at more than 100 universities such as Shandong University, Fudan University, Shanghai International Studies University, Nanjing University, and Wuhan University. YGS is a trusted partner for government projects across the country.


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